Association Operations


What is a Property Owners Association (POA)?

A property owners association is an organization of property owners. A buyer may become a “member” with the purchase of a property or home within the development. Some properties within Foxwood Hills require action by the property owner to “opt in” to establish Association membership. If you are unsure as to your status, please talk with POA office staff. As a member in good standing, each owner has the right to speak at Association meetings and to vote on matters that concern the Association. This vote may be cast during the regularly scheduled annual meeting or at special meetings of the general membership.

The Property Owners Association is an incorporated, non-profit organization operating under the laws of the state of South Carolina and recorded land agreements through which each lot owner in a described area may be a member. Each member is subject to assessments for maintenance of the common property and to support other necessary activities of the organization.

What does the POA do?

The major responsibility of the POA is to protect the assets of the Association. As one part of its obligation of protecting the owners’ investment, the POA is charged with the maintenance and operation of the common areas. The common areas of Foxwood Hills include the areas of Foxwood Hills which are for the common use and enjoyment of all owners, residents and their guests.

The Association has other responsibilities, too, such as:

Hiring and overseeing a professional property manager

Obtaining insurance for the common areas and facilities

Operating an effective communication system for all members

Enforcing the covenants, conditions and restrictions

Operating within budgets proposed by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership, for operations and maintenance

Collecting funds, and

Accounting and reporting to members

Your POA is governed by a group of legal documents which are available on the POA website. These documents contain more explicit, comprehensive information regarding your POA and its day-to-day operations. The information included in this welcome guide has been compiled for your convenience and should not be used as a governing document for your POA.


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